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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Origins: A Year With The Style Weaver: My Story

The Style Weaver is one year old! First, I want to say thank you to everyone who has stopped by, posted comments, read the posts or watched the videos. I hope you’ve been inspired by the stories of the greats in fashion, while learning about the best brands and designers that have created a global business from their passion for fashion, style, and luxury. This blog has provided an outlet for me to read, research, and write about the things I’ve always wanted to know about fashion while sharing my thoughts on an industry I have been passionate about for many years. From Origins to Passion Pays to the new Decades series everything I write about represents my curiosities and interests as they relate to the industry.  So much has happened this year to influence what you see on the blog today, and in this post I’m going to take you on the journey I took to create The Style Weaver, so here we go. This is my story…so far, anyway...


10/6/2014: Spring 2015 Inspirations: Late 60's-70's

I started the blog because I just needed to start something. I created The Style Weaver, March 9, 2014,  six days after my 25th birthday. My older brother and a friend of mine were beginning to get serious about following their passions, one in building an iPhone app and the other in event planning.  In the previous year, I had been passively working on writing a book, and seeing how long I still had to go with that project I really wanted to start doing something that was separate from my day job and related to my passion for fashion.  Although I was working in retail buying, I wanted to do something that was for me where I could have complete control, and would be a complete reflection of me and my interests. I decided a blog would be the best route because I am an avid reader, have always been good at writing, and I was already constantly researching fashion and staying updated with what was happening in the industry.

I began writing focusing on the history of the brands and designers I cared about, and in the beginning the writing on the blog was very sporadic, but my goal was simply to not stop. As I started blogging and finding blogs that I was interested in or were related to my topic I came across many deserted blogs or posts where people were apologizing for not having written in months. So my early strategy for success was just not quitting, and today not much has changed. I still believe that by not quitting or becoming stagnant The Style Weaver will find its audience and provide value to them.

9/10/2014: The Thread of Ralph Lauren Advertisements

Last summer, I made a major move from New York City to Miami, which greatly affected the blog because I was acclimating to a new city and wasn’t writing much at all, but in September of 2014 everything changed. This is going to get random and seem unrelated, but bear with me. Around that time I was getting tired of listening to the radio and wanted to make the time I spent commuting to work more productive. I searched iTunes for the top business podcasts, and I came across Pat Flynn, host of The Smart Passive Income Podcast (if you've heard of him let me know in the comments, I'm just curious) who helps people with online businesses learn tips, tricks, and strategies through his interviews with successful Internet entrepreneurs. So I started listening to this podcast and hearing the stories of people who got success online just by providing information or products that were rooted in their passions but provided value for others. This completely motivated me to take The Style Weaver more seriously and I realized that there are people who are similar to me and can relate to wanting to know more about the stories that are responsible for what we see in fashion today. And in these stories find personal inspiration or an avenue in which they can dream, follow their passion and build a business, blog, etc. that would excite them while providing value for others.

9/26/2014: Spring 2015 Fashion Trends: Milan

So I had this newfound sense of motivation for making the blog great and offering information that my audience can appreciate. In the last six months the purpose of the blog is still to provide the context behind today’s trends and major players in the fashion industry, but it’s more structured and I’ve added elements to enhance the content. Such as the Beyond The Flashes videos series that I created in collaboration with my wonderful and completely supportive boyfriend who edits all the videos that you see on the blog and YouTube channel. So why did I create the video series?

Beyond the Flashes is my answer to the fast ever-increasing pace of fashion, news, and really all things Internet related. With my blog posts I do extensive research and write lengthy posts that are full of valuable information, and most although related to what's happening now will continue to be relevant well after the effects of the related current event has worn off. Also, many times the posts reference an era that has long passed, but with Beyond Flashes I can relate to what's happening right now and as new things happen each week I can stay up to date with them and provide a snapshot of what's going on to you in a way that's easy and quick to digest. This provides a balance on the blog of past and present, keeps me current with what's happening now in the industry, but doesn't take way from the more substantial content that's in the blog posts.

10/8/2014: Passion Pays: The Impact of Fashion Conglomerates

In the last month I've made some big leaps to widen the exposure of the blog by guest posting for NYFW on the Everything Eventz blog, an event planning site, created by the friend who's passion for entrepreneurship lead me to start this blog. I’ve also just this month become a monthly contributor to the Maker’s Row blog which is a site to help designers and manufacturers get connected with factories and provides resources and tips to help with the process of getting your apparel line in stores.

These things have started to shed a light on the brand that the The Style Weaver can become and I'm excited to meet and collaborate with others who share my passion for the fashion industry as well as people who have dreams and are taking the steps to make those dreams a reality. Because truly the best thing The Style Weaver has afforded me is the ability to establish a platform in which my dreams can be realized and then used as a tool for others to do the same.

There's so much more to come and I hope you will be along for the journey! Stay inspired, live free…xo The Style Weaver

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  1. That made me smile cousin of mine that I haven't seen in years. It's actually quite inspiring to read. Good Luck with all your passions!

  2. A.J. thanks for the comment! I can't believe it's been so many years since I've seen you. Means a lot to have a fellow writer be inspired by my work, I appreciate it. Thank you!


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