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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Fashion: Passions, Trends, and Inspirations

W Magazine August 2012

Fashion to me has always been intriguing because of the way you can transform, escape, or build your confidence through what you choose to wear. Growing up and even now I would say I am very much so an introvert. Not to say that I lacked confidence but find that overtly saying how I feel or expressing who I am wasn’t something I did out loud. However, fashion provided me the channel in which to express myself without saying a word.

Vogue, September 2012

When you put on your best outfit or a look that’s perfectly styled to your tastes there’s a feeling of confidence that radiates from within. You walk different, stand different, and talk different when you know you’re looking your best. That’s why I love fashion because it’s transformative more so than any other art form, you actually live in it. Fashion has made me more sure of who I am because every time I put on an outfit I’m making a declaration of the person I want others to see and know. As you can tell I’m pretty passionate about the subject because of the way it makes me feel and how motivated I am to watch others have those same experiences or relate to fashion in the same way I do. What about you, what are you passionate about and how can you tell?  For me, my passions are recognizable because of what I choose to put my effort and energy into. I have a blog about fashion, ambitiously went after a career in fashion buying, and on a personal note I have every Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Elle Magazine since 2007.  If you think about what you do in your spare time, what you like most about your job, or what things in your life or in society that you pay the most attention to guaranteed within those habits lies your passions.

Chanel Spring 2013

Trends. Any person that knows anything about fashion recognizes the obsession the industry has with developing trends and talking about what is trending. Trends are a way to take the vast, complex world of fashion shows and brands and edit them into what is most popular or is a constant throughout the collections each season. The thing with trends though is they tend to minimize a key element of fashion, individuality, but times are changing. Editors said it after the Fall 2016 fashion shows, and specifically I remember Anna Wintour saying that the trend of the season was that there were no trends. Designers during the collections expressed an individualistic attitude focusing on what their brand stood for a part from industry expectations. These days with so many individuals becoming entrepreneurs and consuming products and services from individuals more so than big corporations people are becoming more aware of what they can individually contribute to the masses. And that’s a very powerful thing making the decision that you have what people need in a way that is so unique that only you can provide it. We all have that something that makes us different based on our experiences and the choices we’ve made, but the challenge is making whatever product or service you create personal enough to be unique, but practical enough to relate to others. If you thought about it what experiences or choices have made you unique, do they relate to your passion, and how could you get others to indulge in those same experiences via a product or service?

Photographed by Camilla Akrans for Italian Elle

Inspiration. I love the idea of being inspired, because it means that you are retaining or experiencing something that is encouraging you to take some sort of action. Being inspired is not a complacent idea; it’s the exact opposite. No one is ever inspired to be boring or to keep doing the same thing day in and day out with no purpose. Whenever you’re inspired, you’re inspired to do, be, change, create, etc. In fashion, designers often talk about their inspirations and what experiences or research have influenced their designs. Mostly it’s an emotion gained from reading a book, traveling, watching a movie, etc. that they are expressing in the clothes. But it’s interesting that two people could read the same book or travel to the same place and one could dream up an entire collection of clothing while another gets nothing from it. It’s because inspiration and seeing opportunities in every experience is a choice, being inspired is a choice. Where do you feel most inspired? For me it’s generally when I’m getting to know new people and understanding what they’ve been through in life. It’s my theory that most people when they don’t get along it is because they haven’t taken the time to understand one another. When I get to know about someone’s past or listen to the challenges they’re facing it helps me look at life in a different perspective and provides inspiration for me to try a new way of doing things or stay persistent with something I’m already doing.

Being passionate about something gives you purpose, staying true to your unique qualities makes you interesting, and being inspired will fuel your actions. Regardless of what you’re trying to accomplish keeping these things in mind will constantly remind you of why you’re doing what you’re doing and gives you the fuel to stay committed.

Share your thoughts in the comments! How did you find your passion and what do you do to stay inspired??

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