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Sunday, March 19, 2017

5 Tips to Mastering the Art of Beach Comfort

Being comfortable at the beach is truly an art form. Today when you go to the beach whether you're a lay on the sand type of beach girl or prefer the luxe of a lounge chair putting a little thought into your comfort can transform your beach vacation!

Tip #1: Focus on the crown and the rest will follow.
The comfort of your crown is key! Laying on a towel on the sand or against a lounge chair, let's be honest is not comfortable. If you have a comfortable beach pillow whether you choose to lay directly on the pillow or use a towel on top of the pillow it's a necessity to lay your head on a soft, fluffy surface.

Tip #2: Love your beach essentials. 
Your beach essentials make leisure on the sand pleasurable. Having a great sunscreen, face mist, and sunnies make the beach cool and enjoyable for a full day in the sun. Share your favorite beach beauty essentials in the comments!

Tip #3: Something for the little things and something for everything. 
The way you carry your beach essentials will level up or deflate your beach comfort. A chunky, hard to carry bag will stress you out before you even reach the sand. A small clutch for your personals...think keys, cellphone, jewelry, money will keep you from going on a treasure hunt just to pay for something or make a call. Now your tote bag for your towel and other beach essentials should be sturdy, but also reflect your style and vacation destination. What totes do you love? Share in the comments!

Tip #4: The right company produces the best comfort. 
Take your best friend or your favorite book, but being at the beach is a connecting experience. When you connect with the people you're with, that new book you've been meaning to read, or the with the ocean itself you'll hit a space of relaxation and ease.

Tip #5: The menu matters. 
Bringing the right mix of food and drinks for your beach day takes the experience to new heights. Starting with fruit, bridging to sandwiches and ending with wine and sweets is the perfect mix for me. What is your favorite menu of items to bring with you? Share in the comments!

I love beach vacations because of the sounds, the openness, and the ability to block out reality with the paradise of being by the sea. We all go to the beach to relax, make memories with friends, and escape…right? But after my Santa Monica, CA experience with my best friend, read about it here, I decided to not to go back to the beach without making sure I had leveled up on my comfort! Which for me started with finding the perfect beach pillow…

How do you level up your beach comfort? Share in the comments!

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