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My CAIA Story

Caia Beach Pillows brought to you by The Style Weaver
As many good stories do, my story with Caia started from an idea thought up by two best friends.  It was 4th of July Weekend and we were on our annual Independence Day vacation to somewhere fun! Alexis, my best friend, had just moved to L.A. and since I, living in Miami, had done the Miami 4th of July more times than I can count had decided to visit her in L.A. for the ultimate girl's weekend. 
We're on the beach in Santa Monica laying in the sand, using our towels, bunching up our clothes, whatever we had around us using it as a pillow. As I'm sure you know NOT COMFORTABLE! And that's when the idea hit us, why don't we create a beach pillow that's 1. Comfortable 2. Able to get wet & sandy and 3. Fashionable and colorful. Never hearing of such a pillow before we decided to see if there was any product like it in the market, and that's when I came across Caia Beach Pillows.

The idea of creating Caia Beach Pillows was born in Portugal in 2012. A true passionate for beach and sun, founder Inês Fortunato discovered, after extensive market research, that there was not any beach pillow with quality available. In an effort to provide comfort, fun, and fashion in every beach adventure, the Caia Beach Pillow was brought to life! Caia represents everything we were looking for on our vacation and now I'm excited for all of you to add Caia Beach Pillows to your must have beach essentials!
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